How To Play


Player 1: Move = W | Turn = A/d

Player 2: Move = Up | Turn = Left/Right

Shape shifting = Space

This is a co-op game for people on the same keyboard.

Both ships use the same button to switch shapes, and they are not the same shape, so communication is key.

The ships have 3 different shapes: square, circle, and triangle. The triangle comes with a small boost and can destroy enemies. The square and circle are both used to pick up their matching pieces.

Whenever you pick up a square or circle, or destroy an enemy, the pink circle will fill up again.

The pink circle behind each player shows how much time is left before the game will end.

If one of the players pink circles disappears, or they get hit by a red enemy, the game will end.

Made For Ludum Dare 35


Download 4 MB

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