Space = Hit Hearts

Arrow Keys/WASD = Hit Squares

Hit the arrow keys on the squares to swipe through people and text emojis

Hit the space bar on the hearts to play some nice notes


Send any text you feel like, the responses to them are random. I would have liked to have done something more involved, but I ran out of time.

Whether you get a date or they disconnect depends on points. +3 for a date and -3 for a disconnect.

A smiley face response gives you +1, a frowny face gives you 0, and an angry face gives you -1.

Good luck finding love!

Made For Ludum Dare 41 In 48 Hours by Christian Smith

Made in Unity

Art made in Gimp 2

Music and sound made with the OP-1

Install instructions

Download the project files here.


RTHM - LD41 PRoject 82 MB

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